Raised by the most well-known and respected King and Queen pen couple on the streets of Atlanta Georgia, the twin sisters, Nicki and Rose grew up very rich and spoiled and wanted for nothing. That is until the night of their sixteenth birthday, which left them broke and alone. Out in the streets to fend for themselves, longing to live the high lifestyle they yearned for security, finding themselves caught up in a web of lies and secrets after meeting a sweet, sexy, rich disingenuous guy by the name of Block, who they thought was going to change their lives forever. Between lies, murder, robbery, love, and hate, the twins’ sister’s lives began to spiral out of control. Will Rose and Nicki get their dream life or will the cost they have to pay be too high?



Alexis and Wesley 2:Still Addicted to a Street King

You’re an addiction I always fail to resist – Unknown

Loyalty, lust, love, and reckless behavior will make you risk it all, including your life. With one man willing to fake his death to be with the one he loves, another determined to kill her, and the one who is determined to find his wife the question still remains, Where is Alexis? Has she vanished by choice or by force? With the clock ticking everyone is on a quest to find her. Three men, one woman but all roads don’t lead to the same destination. Will she risk it all for love, settle out of fear or pay the ultimate price?