Alexis and Wesley 2: Still addicted to a Street King

Posted on September 24, 2017 at 6:50 PM

You’re an addiction I always fail to resist – Unknown

Loyalty, lust, love, and reckless behavior will make you risk it all, including your life. With one man willing to fake his death to be with the one he loves, another determined to kill her, and the one who is determined to find his wife the question still remains, Where is Alexis? Has she vanished by choice or by force? With the clock ticking everyone is on a quest to find her. Three men, one woman but all roads don’t lead to the same destination. Will she risk it all for love, settle out of fear or pay the ultimate price?

Sample from the Book..


It was taking them niggers way too long to kill each other, so I decided to go help them when I saw Alexis’s ass peeping in the window. Rushing outside, I yoked her up by the arm. She let out a horrible scream. I hoped that I hurt her stupid ass because this mess was her fault.

“Hello my sweet. I want you to witness this mess you started. All you had to do, was be faithful. But nooooo, you had to fuck your past.”

“Chase, you fucked that stripper, so who are you to point fingers? And you got the bitch pregnant,” she shot back at me.

“I took care of that problem. Camille will never bother us again. Meanwhile, I get to raise Wesley's child.” I whispered, forcing her in the room. Looks like I acted too soon, because Wes was beating the shit out of Carlton. Once he laid eyes on Alexis, he stopped and she snatched away from me. My eyes started burning as the house filled with colorful smoke and the lights went out. They had to throw about 200 of whatever they threw because the smoke was thick and it was hard to see.

I heard someone say, “Good night bitches,” then shots were fired. I heard Alexis scream.

The room was oddly quiet, as I waited on the smoke to clear….

Answer the following questions and be entered to win 5.00 gift card.

What happen to Camille?

Who did Big Tony have Issues with?

How did Chase's mom die?

Who is Big Tony's Brother?

Who saved Alexis?

Who did Elle start sleeping with?

SEND ANSWERS TO [email protected]

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